More than 3.5 million people in America are homeless, yet too often, they go unseen. Austin-based homeless mission Mobile Loaves and Fishes wanted to change that, to give homeless people a voice with which to say “I am here” and empower others to help.

That’s why, April 27-28, 2010, MLF founder Alan Graham, along with Danny Silver, a then-homeless man, went up on a billboard on I-35. The goal was inspire people to text enough $10 donations to get Danny and his wheelchair-bound wife Maggie off the streets and into a gently used RV (just $12,000).

Not only did we raise enough money to get Danny and Maggie a home, we raised awareness of homelessness to a dramatic new height.

During the time Danny and Alan were on the billboard people, tuned in around the country, with news coverage in 30 markets nationwide. One of those people tuning in was Danny’s daughter, whom he hadn’t seen in ten years. She contacted Alan, and they were reunited the same day Danny and Maggie moved into their home.